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  1. Be the absolute ALPHA.
  2. Obedience training...This will give dog sense of purpose...something to think about etc.
  3. Avoid cluster of dogs at gates, doorways etc. Fights may start accidently in this frenzie of excitement.
  4. Be especially aware when bitches are coming into heat or whelp.
  5. Intact males should be kept separated when around bitches in heat.
  6. Watch for the unmistakable stare of animosity which will ultimately lead to a fight.
  7. Choosing the pups with the best temperament...not necessarily the obnoxious show pup.
  8. Read CULTURE CLASH to better understand your dog.
  9. Unexplained aggressiveness should possibly be checked by vet in case a medical condtion might be the cause.
  10. When a dog has been away from the household for a while...such as a show circuit, reintroduce slowly and in your presence.
  11. Separate bitches when away from the house as most fights seem to start when Alpha is not present.



  1. Insert finger into rectum of fighter with death grip on opponent. This is said to guarantee immediate release.
  2. Try to grab rear leg or legs of opponent...if dog can't gain purchase it will have to release grip on opponent at least hopefully long enough to get it to a gate or crate.
  3. Have 4 gallon BUCKET handy to try to maneuver over the head of one.
  4. Drop clothes, such as HEAVY BLANKET or bedspread to use on one dog in same manner as create confusion and a barrier hopefully allowing one of the fighters to be removed.
  5. Have NAIL POLISH REMOVER on hand. If a fight erupts, rub it on hands and this will cause fighters to back off when approached to try to separate them. One of the dog repellants may work also.
  6. Cover eyes and pinch nose of the fighter with grip on opponent. This will cause release.
  7. Twist COLLAR closing off airway. This has worked well for some but others warned that you could choke dog to death in process.
  8. Black pepper scattered into faces of fighters causes them to have sneezing fits and back off.

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