Are you worried about a virus?

Any time you accept email, there is a chance that you will be exposed to a computer virus. It is impossible for us to guarantee that viruses will not be transmitted via the ShowBoxer-L. This list is not moderated and mail from subscribers to the list is not screened in any way before it is sent out although we have configured the settings to exclude attachments. If your computer does become infected by a virus that originated from a list member, please contact an administrator privately as soon as you have removed the virus, so that we can let everyone on the list know about the problem. It is wise for anyone who uses email to have and use *current* antivirus software! If a virus is transmitted via the ShowBoxer-L, the administrators will do their best to let you know, but we cannot provide technical support if you are having problems scanning for or eliminating a virus.

Please remember List rule #6 in particular the section below in red.

6. Off-topic posting is not permitted.

While Boxer Rescue is a worthy cause, rescue posts should not be sent to the ShowBoxer-L (there is another forum available, which is designated specifically for discussion about Boxer Rescue, information can be found at The ShowBoxer-L is not the place for messages about pooping, stuffed animals, cute stories, puppy referrals (there is a list for that at , test messages, cute jokes, requests for Listserv settings changes, virus warnings, Internet hoaxes, greeting cards, and chain mail should never be posted to the ShowBoxer-L.

For those interested this site "" can scan your computer for viruses and give you technical help in removing them from you computer. There is also a search feature here where you can search for information on a particular virus.

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