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Please read the following message carefully, and Bookmark it for your future reference. It contains some information on what the ShowBoxer-L is, and what it is not. Rules, guidelines & disclaimers can be accessed by following the links on the menu at the top.


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Please include your full name and e-mail address in your signature, and remember that your signature must not exceed 5 lines nor can it include any links (addresses) to any commercial enterprise.

Messages to the list must be in plain ASCII format only. Do not sent any part of a message to the list in HTML or any other special formats (this includes your signature file). Graphics files, greeting cards, and attachments (including text attachments) may not be sent to the ShowBoxer-L. Please note that if you are including forwarded text in a message to the list, it may *not* be sent as an attachment to your message! It is *your* responsibility to know your software and to send messages in the appropriate format. These messages will be rejected by the list software.

As a member of the ShowBoxer-L, it is your responsibility to read, understand, and comply with the rules and posting guidelines below. If you fail to do so, your posting privileges may be curtailed, or you may be removed from the list and prohibited from re-subscribing. Losing this document or failing to remember the rules are not valid excuses, so it is important that you read this message carefully and ask an administrator for assistance (via private email at ) if you need clarification.

Remember that by joining the ShowBoxer-L mailing list you agree that enforcement of list rules and netiquette on the ShowBoxer-L are the sole responsibility of ShowBoxer-L administrators and that you agree not to hold the owners, hosting company or administrators (past, present or future) responsible or accountable for any member's postings to the list. If you are not comfortable with any of the terms described here, please unsubscribe now!

The ShowBoxer-L was created to provide a forum for the discussion of issues that are relevant to the responsible breeding, and conformation showing of Boxer dogs. Any topic or question that fits this description is welcome here. This could include (but is not limited to) discussions about the Boxer standard, cropping/docking, contracts (puppy sales, stud service, etc.), handling, show brags, health testing, temperament evaluation, and so on. Since temperament and working ability are of interest to many responsible Boxer breeders, discussion about obedience and other performance events is welcome here.

If you are new to using email, you may want to take some time to learn the rules of "netiquette" before you post to this or any email list. For example, posting in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is the same as shouting, and is considered to be extremely rude. The use of sarcastic humor is usually a bad idea, since facial expressions and voice inflections don't carry across the Internet, sometimes the written word can be construed differently than the writer intended.. It is customary to "lurk" on a list, reading but not posting, until you feel comfortable with the conventions of email communication and are familiar with the tone of discourse on that list.


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