ShowBoxer-L Rules:

The ShowBoxer-L has six primary rules. In most cases, if you post to the list in a manner that violates any of these rules, you will receive an administrative warning. After a first warning, future violations of primary rules may result in a suspension period, during which you will not be able to post to the ShowBoxer-L. Any subscriber who violates a primary rule following reinstatement from suspension may be permanently removed from the ShowBoxer-L. Not sure whether a message violates a rule? Please ask a list administrator before you send it to the ShowBoxer-L! Send these inquiries to

1. Enforcement of list rules and netiquette on the ShowBoxer-L are the sole responsibility of ShowBoxer-L administrators.

If you feel a list member has violated the list rules, express your concerns to an administrator, *not* to the member whose behaviour seems inappropriate to you, or to the list. If you have concerns about the administration of the list, they may not be discussed on the ShowBoxer-L. You may reach all the administrators by sending to

2. The ShowBoxer-L does not permit commercial posting or advertising of any kind.

You may announce new litters on the ShowBoxer-L, but you may not use the list to attempt to sell dogs. You *may* announce shows and matches on the ShowBoxer-L. If you wish to announce a fund-raiser for a Boxer-related charitable cause, please ask a ShowBoxer-L administrator for permission to do so. You may include your kennel name and/or the address of your kennel website in your signature, but information or addresses about any other business may not be included in your signature.

3. There will be absolutely NO flaming, baiting, or harassment permitted on the ShowBoxer-L.

A "flame" is defined as a negative statement about any individual or specific group of individuals (such as the *** Board of Directors, members of a specific club, and so on). Your messages *must* focus on issues, and may *not* focus on individuals or their actions. For example, it would be okay to say "I personally believe that responsible breeders should have their stud dogs' hips X-rayed," while it is not okay to say "breeders who don't X-ray their stud dogs' hips are irresponsible."

4. Do not "name names" on the ShowBoxer-L.

Do not "name names" on the ShowBoxer-L. Judges, club officials, breeders, handlers, specific dogs, and particular kennels should not be discussed here by name (or by allusion, e.g. so that another person could reasonably deduce the identity of the specific person or group to whom the message refers). For example, it is fine to post to the list asking for information on a specific judge or handler, or to include a judges or handlers name in show results that state the winners, but replies *must* be sent privately. Neither endorsements nor criticisms of individuals are permitted. Please remember that specific groups of individuals also may not be publicly discussed or criticized on the ShowBoxer-L.

5. List mail is to be considered private and copyrighted.

Do not forward list mail without the original poster's permission. Private mail you receive from others (including posts originally published on other mailing lists) may not be reprinted on the ShowBoxer-L without the permission of the original author. Mail sent to the list is the property of the sender, NOT the ShowBoxer-L.

6. Off-topic posting is not permitted.

While Boxer Rescue is a worthy cause, rescue posts should not be sent to the ShowBoxer-L (there is another forum available, which is designated specifically for discussion about Boxer Rescue, information can be found at The ShowBoxer-L is not the place for messages about pooping, stuffed animals, cute stories, puppy referrals (There is a list for that at , test messages, cute jokes, requests for Listserv settings changes, virus warnings, Internet hoaxes, greeting cards, and chain mail should never be posted to the ShowBoxer-L.

Violations of list rules may result in the restriction of your ShowBoxer-L posting privileges, or the termination of your ShowBoxer-L subscription, at the discretion of the list's administrators.

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